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Why does your business exist?

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I'm Alaina.

Here I share brand strategy, messaging, design and entrepreneurship tips + tools in short blog posts to help your business. Learn more here

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I'm told I'm a straight shooter and often say what everyone else is thinking, you be the judge

Business tips + tools for service solopreneurs or business owners with growing teams 

Here we will share our amazing client rebrand makeovers and roast corporate rebrands that are awful.

Sound’s like a simple question right? Maybe you wanted to become your own boss, break free of the 9-5 corporate world, or serve your community. You may have started your business and built it up to the expanding company it is today, congrats! Through the years have you lost sight of why your business exists?

If it’s a generic “We want to help people” similar statement, it’s time you dig a bit deeper to uncover the real reason you get up each day to pour into your entrepreneurial business. A sure fire way to reignite your branding within your booming business with a boost of passion and stamina is to discover and embody your deeper purpose as a company. The foundational reason of your business and personal mission. Your Big Why.

Why you do what you do?

Who you are hoping to help and why does it matter to them?

It is more than just finding a common problem or need and solving it as a business plan. Why your business exists is the deeper reason to what sparks the flame in your brand’s soul to pour into this entrepreneurial dream and passion that has called on you to pursue. This is what will add brand cohesion within every decision your business makes in the future and keep you going when times get tough. [Spoiler alert — entrepreneurship is no cake walk and not for the weak at heart ]

So if you cannot answer with a deeper reason of why you are in business and why you are expanding your business then it’s time to dig deep to strategize your Foundational Why.

It’s super easy to do with my free Brand Foundational Guide workbook that will help you dig deep to answer the 5 foundational questions every successful brand (big or small) succinctly answers and uses in their brand messaging marketing.

Free Brand Foundation Workbook, download to gain clarity

Need brand messaging help or want to never stumble again when you meet someone new and they ask what you do? Tag us at Brand Comber in to help fill in those missing pieces. Contact us here.

free brand workbook guide to nail solopreneur brand messaging pitch.

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A passionate brand expert with over 14 years of branding, graphic design and marketing knowledge and experience. Plus she holds a fancy BFA degree in Visual Communications/Advertising to support her credibility combined with years of agency, freelancing and entrepreneurship proficiency.  When away from the iMac, you can find her on the beach with her two daughters, husband of 13 years and most likely a book on branding or home rewatching The Office series for the 27th time. 

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