Enjoy some of our go-to biz resources (and favorite things!) to help you in personal brand journey. Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means I might earn a small commission if you love something as much as I do... but I only recommend what I actually like myself! 

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Showit has no limits on design capabilities - it is a true drag & drop platform. My site is built on Showit and my blog is still powered on Wordpress. The perfect marriage. 

I tried Mailchimp & Convert Kit - they both left me so frustrated I just gave up on email marketing.  FloDesk is beautiful & is so easy. Want 50% off? Click below!

Dubsado is my all in one system for scheduling calls, invoices, proposals, contracts, website forms, selling my packages and more. 20% off with code: ALAINA20

Canva Pro is a must! I refer all of my clients to the PRO version so they can save their logos, brand colors and fonts saved as defaults. Cohesive visuals to stay on brand.


I've used QB since 2013. It's super easy, accessible and provides all of the reports & tools you need. *If you use Turbo Tax - it's a perfect marriage to get your taxes done easily. 

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TOOLS of the Trade 

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Highly Recommended

recommended reading

Easy tips to simplify your marketing and transform your words into an intriguing story. 

This is the brand messaging bible. 

tell your brand story

Here is a list of some of my favorite books that have impacted my life and business.

While this was written in 1955 every word she writes is relevant today as women try to juggle many plates. 

The ultimate beach read on self care importance

This reads like a textbook but informs you like one. Learn how to run your business more effectively, make more money, and keep that money.

Read this to avoid costly & stupid business mistakes

Great advice & examples of living a creative life authentically. You'll feel inspired to share your magic.

Art is everywhere, creativity is within us all. 

run a smarter biz

reflect on your life

read it & go for it

Our website template was designed by Tonic Site Shop and allowed us to customize it to reflect our branding. We absolutely love how easy it was to edit and apply our own personality. 

Tonic's line of completely customizable site templates for modern, stylish creatives are basically website templates for people who think they don't like website templates. They make beautiful design affordable, accessible to everyone — no code, no tears, no limits. And there's a fun twist: all of their site designs are inspired by cocktails! My favorites? Limoncello, Greyhound, and Paper Plane (the one we used)!

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