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greetings from coastal wilmington, nC & our Zoom room

We're an intimate team of brand experts who passionately believe that memorable brands require strategy.

"What do you do?"

You clam up.
It's the dreaded bio one liner you strive to nail  down during an introduction.

We've all been there. Regrettably spewing out the generalized "So, we do ____, ____, and...." Cue the yawns induced by a forgettable run-on intro and trashed basic business card.  You vow to improve your pitch next time but now the brand shame has sunken in — you've shared your URLs and know their judging the way your brand is poorly visually representing your growing business.

your brand presence is screaming amateur, even though your business is booming.

It's time to upgrade your branding so your business looks and sounds like the next level version it needs to be during this season of growth.  Refined visual and verbal brand messaging that succinctly communicates for your business.

You can't read the label from inside the bottle.

Why is it so difficult to succinctly describe your business and what your special sauce is? It's not your fault it's a struggle to pinpoint your brand messaging - you're just too close to it.  We are the outside perspective you need to help comb through to identify your hidden brand treasures so you can look and sound like the 2.0 version your business is expanding to.

It's not enough to stand out, you have to become memorable. If you're vague when you describe your own business as the owner — how can you expect a prospect to get it? No more generic one liners and forgettable branding, become memorable. Tag us in to help fill in those missing pieces.

We're a flamingo in a flock of marketing seagulls. We only do branding, because it matters most.

Similar to Marie Kondo, we enjoy a mess. Sifting through your entire business to uncover and articulate what makes your brand so special is our version of neatly organizing your junk drawer. Most established businesses that are ready to expand are anchored down by the equivalent of said junk drawer with a whole lot of stuff they really need to filter through. Over time your design, messaging and brand foundation have become cluttered or worse never addressed. It's time to tag in professional brand strategy to level up your business. 

we are not a full service agency. we're a small team & will never upsell you unnecessary services.

Our only focus is brand strategy. We don't do marketing or advertising, nope not even social. You know why? Because it is a complete waste of time and money for a business to pay for an ad or to post on social if they do not have a solid brand foundation that defines and communicates: who they are as a brand, who they are specifically targeting, why they are in business, what makes them different and how they can succinctly help their clients. Otherwise, It's just noise.

We become a part of your team

low tide or high tide, we're by your side


can't live without


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daughter of small business owners taco snob and shop local advocate. 

A passionate brand expert with over 16 years of branding, graphic design and marketing knowledge and experience. Plus she holds a fancy BFA degree in Visual Communications/Advertising to support her credibility combined with years of agency, freelancing and entrepreneurship proficiency.  When away from the iMac, you can find her on the beach with her two daughters, husband of 11 years and most likely a book on branding or home rewatching The Office series for the 27th time. 


Meet Alaina, Brand Strategist    Creative Director 


all about


Straight talk,
client experience,
strategic brands,
sandy toes, and
helping you get
clear + confident.


not about

Big corporate,
boring meetings,
following trends,
playing small,
pineapple pizza, or
that hustle game.

We keep it easy breezy

"Branding is the process of connecting good strategy with good creativity."

— Marty Neumeier 

Our motto to build a lasting brand footprint that leaves a memorable mark.


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We exist to turn small businesses into memorable brands that make big waves in their community. As a brand strategy and design consultancy company we aim to be our client's sole branding partner. Ready to level up?


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