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Let's comb through to refine and define your brand             


brand strategy + messaging

Simplify and streamline your brand messaging to highlight what makes your business so special to become the only choice, in a sea of many. Brand messaging written for you, so you don't have to stumble over it.



Gain clarity and pride through strategic brand messaging that clearly communicates exactly what your business does swimmingly. 

brand foundation + positioning

An outside perspective to comb through your existing branding to pull your vision and differentiating factors to the surface with clear magnetic messaging.

no more treading water alone

You need a partner that refines and defines your brand to become positioned with words that sell and branding that turns clients into raving fans. 

Perfect your pitch & own it 


How it works




FIRST we audit & review your business & branding.

We'll stalk your business online and in real life (if local) to get to know your brand and business operations before we connect.

we meet to dive deep for a brand strategy intensive.

We'll meet for 3+ hours to strategize together. We'll listen intently and ask great questions to discover every detail.

we write out your brand messaging & meet to review.

Before our final meeting, we will write and build your Brand Blueprint Guide then review & revise together.

It's time to comb through your brand messaging to filter out the vagueness to help your brand refine and define who they are and precisely how they differentiate from competitors. Let's transform your small business into a remarkable brand through strategic messaging that makes waves.

If you as the business owner struggle to articulate what makes your business so special succinctly, how could you expect someone else to get it? It's your job to communicate who your business is as a brand, who it's for, what it offers, why it's in business and how it helps. 

It's time to draw a line in the sand      level up.

no more washed up wording



brand strategy + messaging


"Alaina was easily able to pull the right words out of my ramblings to pinpoint my values, my mission, and everything about my business."

With a new found confidence in my brand messaging, I feel like it is so much easier to sell my business and talk about it, because I know what we value, who we serve and how we are different.”


brand strategy + messaging


"Alaina is the brand strategy queen! She's able to look at your business from a bird's eye level and link the missing pieces that are preventing profit." 

I was struggling with how to position my newest offer to create a pathway to generate new leads and wanted to skip the fluff to get results fast. Now I have complete clarity with a strategy to implement for continued success. 


big kahuna rebrand


"My company desperately needed to rebrand, I wish I found you sooner. I didn't think it would be this easy to refine + amplify our brand to stand out."

We now have a clearer vision and sense of how our business will evolve as a memorable brand. After rebranding, I feel energized, capable, and full of confidence now that our branding looks and sounds like the booming business we are. 


swell rebrand strategy + design


"Alaina gives a direct approach to helping you solve your brand identity. She listens intently to depict your vision into a brand design that wows. 

This team has an incredible way of making your brand become an extension of your vision that is so spot on! She's so helpful and brings light and direction to the clutter within your business that needs to be streamlined.






The results you're going to get:

How does this sound?

CREATE A TRIBE OF LOYAL brand superfans WHO organically market and refer your business.

kick the brand shame and doubt to the curb to feel clear and confident in your business.

save time trying to diy or piece together your messaging. hand it all over to drop the stress.

clarity and pride through verbal brand messaging that clearly communicates exactly what your business does swimmingly.

a professional brand that is strategically defined and positioned to stand out with crystal clear wording.

upgrade now

need this

Brand Strategy

Before we meet, we audit and perform a brand review as we stalk your business online and in real life (if local) to get to understand your business and target market. Then we meet for a 3 hour brand strategy intensive where we ask really good questions, listen intently and help you gain clarity and direction to refine your brand. 

project breakdown:

phase 1: details & discovery

Brand Messaging + Positioning

We get to work crafting your brand story for messaging with words that sell and connect. Then we'll meet for our second intensive to review everything we've written and polish it up together. Replacing washed up wording with strategic messaging backed up by strong brand positioning so you never stumble again with a boring elevator pitch. Confidence, clarity & direction.

phase 2: define & develop

need this

Brand Blueprint Guide Complete

Pour up the margaritas, it's time to celebrate!  We'll meet for our final session where we'll present your Brand Blueprint Guide, filled to the brim with magnetic messaging ready for the next level your business is destined for. You'll have plug and play copy for you to revamp your brand messaging with ease.  We'll wrap up any revisions and then strategize a prelaunch plan for you to set sail.

phase 3: deliver & delight

let's do this

let's do it

 project length: 1 month

phase 1: details + discovery

phase 2: define + develop

brand audit & research


written brand messaging & one liners


phase 3: deliver + delight

brand & business strategy intensive


visual messaging & design improvement strategy

brand messaging & strategy intensive


Brand Strategy

what's included

strategy + copy deliverables

brand messaging blueprint guide


ideal client/customer persona profile

Next steps planning session  + 1 week post project support

This      for you if:

you want to tag in a partner to help you clarify + write your messaging

You are not a trusting team player and will tell us how to do our creative job

YOu own an established service based business that needs brand strategy

you are not ready to dive deep into brand strategy to level up your business

you're open to honest critique and advice to level up with strategy

It's probably        for you if...

YOU need brand design: new logo or website, view Swell rebrand or big kahuna



"Alaina was easily able to pull the right words out of my ramblings to pinpoint it all.

After our brand clarity intensive I began to see my business as one that can be extremely successful as opposed to one that I just threw together. It feels legit now, like I’m not an imposter but I’m a business owner who knows what she stands for. With a new found confidence in my brand messaging, I feel like it is so much easier to sell my business and talk about it, because I know what we value, who we are targeting and how we are different.”

"Absolutely amazing to work with and made my seven figure vision come to life!"

Couldn't have done it without you! You & the team were always so kind and giving. Top notch service, design and communication. I am beyond grateful and am forever thankful! Branding does matter and it has changed the trajectory of my business!"

Their success is our success...

Alyssa leon, owner | Cherry blossom doula services

"Now I feel more confident in visualizing other avenues of growth in my business."

I felt like my old website and lack of clarity on branding was holding my business back from growing.  Now that the new website reflects the level my business is at, we have attracted new clients and opportunities for collaboration/growth. I have a clear brand message and am able to communicate it easily not only online but in person during interviews."



A passionate brand expert with over 14 years of branding, graphic design and marketing knowledge and experience. Plus she holds a fancy BFA degree in Visual Communications/Advertising to support her credibility combined with years of agency, freelancing and entrepreneurship proficiency.  When away from the iMac, you can find her on the beach with her two daughters, husband of 13 years and most likely a book on branding or home rewatching The Office series for the 27th time. 

Learn more


Meet Alaina, Brand Strategist    Creative Director 


copywriting for words that connect

brand strategy to become memorable

gain clarity & confidence

brand growth plan & direction

Success Stories


"You exceeded any expectations I had and will only trust you and your team to help me with any future branding needs or projects."

- alyssa, owner:
cherry blossom doula services

Frequently Asked Questions

how much is the investment?

This 'done for you' Brand Strategy and Messaging project begins at $1,500 with payment plans available.  Start ups will incur a higher cost if naming and target market analysis is needed. 

how long does this project take

The Brand Strategy and Messaging project is typically completed in one month with three phases. Timelines are flexible and may change depending on holidays or our client's schedule and feedback turnaround.  To learn more about our 3 phases click here. 

What kind of copy or messaging is included?

Everything. From one liners you can plug and play into your social bios, to tag lines, to a brand narrative written to define the brand's: positioning, mission, vision, 5 foundational pillars (who, what, why, where, how,  personality, tone, etc. We also help strategize how the brand experience should be crafted so the client/customer is so impressed they become a brand superfan for life.

On a budget or prefer to DIY?

Save some coins by writing your own copy. For those that are just starting out or rather tackle their brand messaging solo but need a pro to comb through it for expert refinement, the Brand Charter is for you. Inquire

Contact us for diy

our templates - you write - we review & refine

Just need consulting?

We're always down for taking a break away from writing or designing.  For those that need immediate brand help, direction, or strategy we can hop in a Zoom room to talk branding when you need clarity.

you talk - we listen - together we strategize

Consult with us

let's see if we float your boat

but first

We are in the business of branding small businesses with an intimate dedication of being a part of your crew. Your success is our success. Let's connect to see if we'd make a great team.

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