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Collaboration over competition is where it's at. Your zone of genius is where you want to stay in, so why not tag in help for the projects that require brand strategy, messaging, design and creative direction? We only wade in the brand strategy & design pool - so you can rest assure we can join forces safely without being a threat.

Need us front and center to strategize directly with your client? Or prefer we work behind the scenes as a silent partner? We're up for learning more of how we could help provide the brand strategy and visual & verbal messaging services we enjoy doing. 

A passionate brand expert with over 16 years of branding, graphic design and marketing knowledge and experience. Plus she holds a fancy BFA degree in Visual Communications/Advertising to support her credibility combined with years of agency, freelancing and entrepreneurship proficiency.  When away from the iMac, you can find her on the beach with her two daughters, husband of 11 years and most likely a book on branding or home rewatching The Office series for the 27th time. 

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Meet Alaina, Brand Strategist    Creative Director 



brand strategy + messaging


"Alaina was easily able to pull the right words out of my ramblings to pinpoint my values, my mission, and everything about my business."

With a new found confidence in my brand messaging, I feel like it is so much easier to sell my business and talk about it, because I know what we value, who we serve and how we are different.”


brand strategy + messaging


"Alaina is the brand strategy queen! She's able to look at your business from a bird's eye level and link the missing pieces that are preventing profit." 

I was struggling with how to position my newest offer to create a pathway to generate new leads and wanted to skip the fluff to get results fast. Now I have complete clarity with a strategy to implement for continued success. 


big kahuna rebrand


"My company desperately needed to rebrand, I wish I found you sooner. I didn't think it would be this easy to refine + amplify our brand to stand out."

We now have a clearer vision and sense of how our business will evolve as a memorable brand. After rebranding, I feel energized, capable, and full of confidence now that our branding looks and sounds like the booming business we are. 


swell rebrand strategy + design


"Alaina gives a direct approach to helping you solve your brand identity. She listens intently to depict your vision into a brand design that wows. 

This team has an incredible way of making your brand become an extension of your vision that is so spot on! She's so helpful and brings light and direction to the clutter within your business that needs to be streamlined.


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